There's a fine line between "busy" and "active." Part of the nature of Christianity is activity--whether the missional work of reaching out to others and serving the community, or the fellowship with one another which keeps us connected and united in our service to God. However, busyness can be a serious detriment to one's life and spirituality as busy people easily forget to stop and pay attention to God.


We try not to fill our calendar with events. Instead, we try to have regular, intentional activities which provide that space for Christian engagement without being just one more thing to squeeze into our crowded schedules. We hope that you can join us in some of our opportunities for connection.


As you read the Bible, you might notice how often the people of God are united around food. Many of the Old Testament festivals and religious observances involve food of some kind. Frequently in the New Testament, we notice the Christians gathering for communal meals. There is something about sharing food together which seems to be important for the people of God.

The last Sunday of each month is reserved for an all-church potluck meal. We meet immediately after morning services, and people are encouraged to bring a dish to share. If you are unable to bring food, we invite you to stay anyway. There always is enough to go around! We conclude our time of fellowship with a short devotional thought in place of our evening services.



Singing Night

In place of Wednesday class

Kids in Church

Vacation Bible School

May 26-29, 9:00-11:30am


Family Promise

Hosting Week: Apr 26 - May 3